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AHC Fee & Rebate Information

Active Health Clinic has a team of Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians that specialise in treating a range of complex chronic health conditions such as OI & POTS, fatigue, pain, sleep disorders and connective tissue related disorders.
The consultations are designed to be education based and include information on the physiology of your condition. They will also comprise implementation of different tools and strategies to improve management of your symptoms and increase general well-being. The Exercise Physiologist will set a movement baseline for you and will guide, monitor and help you to progress your movement levels.
Movement prescription can be part of your specific path back to health. Our program is designed for patients to start implementing the movement component at home so that it becomes part of your routine and will assist in your recovery. It will be tailored to you and generally prescribed to be done outside appointments. Movement will only be done in the clinic if the Exercise Physiologist specifically advises this will be the case.
Consultations with a dietitian offer guidance on eating to best support your specific chronic health condition, addressing gut symptoms through food-based approaches like the low FODMAP diet, and employing strategies related to the nervous system. Additionally, consultations cover managing reactions to certain foods, understanding and enhancing appetite, and ensuring adequate nutrition intake tailored to your body's needs as required. They also aim to foster a more supportive relationship with food, reduce anxiety surrounding dietary choices, and improve overall quality of life. Practical strategies are discussed to make food more 'fatigue friendly' and integrate it seamlessly into your daily routine, while advice regarding supplements may also be provided to complement your dietary needs.
The AHC group program runs 3 times a year and has been designed to assist patients with chronic illness such as; fatigue syndromes, pain syndromes, orthostatic intolerance (OI) and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Long Covid (PASC), hypermobility spectrum disorders, and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

The AHC group program is a great way to have a social connection and create a community of likeminded individuals who have an understanding of each other’s circumstances.

To make the AHC group program accessible to as many people as possible, it is the most cost effective way to access the tools and strategies needed in your health journey.
As we are very heavily booked, we generally recommend booking in for a series of appointments. Ideally, 8 sessions are booked with an Exercise Physiologist and 6 sessions with a Dietitian.
These appointments can be changed or cancelled; however, setting these up in advance allows the practitioner to provide continuity of care.
Fees for 1-on-1 appointments (Applies to Exercise Physiology & Dietetics):
Initial Consultation
  • Full Fee $247.00
  • Concession $217.00
Subsequent appointments
  • Full Fee $227.00
  • Concession $197.00

Group program 

Individual sessions:
Please note the individual session costs have been based on our concession pricing.

  • Initial assessment (50 minutes) $217.00
  • 3x Individual consultations (50 minutes) $197.00 each

These are paid at the time of the appointment.

Group Sessions:

  • 12x Group Sessions (80 minutes) $137.00 each

These can be paid weekly or if paid upfront, you will receive a 10% discount off the total cost of the group sessions.

Please note concession rates apply for Australian concession or health care card holders only.
A deposit of $85.00 is required at the time of booking an initial appointment with Active Health Clinic. This deposit comes off the total cost of your initial appointment.
Claims made with Medicare are only eligible with a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan referral from your GP. The CDM referral entitles you to a subsidised rebate of $60.35 from Medicare for a maximum of 5 one on one sessions in a calendar year. If you have hit the Medicare safety net threshold, you will be eligible for a rebate of approximately 80%. Please be aware this rebate does not cover the full cost of the appointment and there will be a gap payment.

To get a Chronic Disease Management Plan you will need to contact your GP/Medical Practice and ask them how to go about getting one made, as every practice has a slightly different process. You will need at least 3 health professionals to sign off on a plan inclusive of your GP. We offer both Dietetics and Exercise Physiology which can help to make up your care team of 3. Your GP/Medical Practice will be able to help you with this.
You may be eligible to receive rebates from your Private Health Insurance. We are unable to estimate what you will receive from your private health insurer as it varies depending on your cover and insurer. To find out what rebate amount you are entitled to, please contact your private health insurance provider and reference the below services & codes as appropriate.

Exercise Physiology
  • 102 and 202 for an in clinic consultation
  • 710 and 712 for a telehealth consultation
  • 500 and 600 for an in clinic consultation
  • 301 and 302 for a telehealth consultation
  • 502 for group classes
Exercise Physiology & Dietetics is a referred service for Workcover. This means, to claim appointments with Workcover, you must attain a referral from your GP and confirmation from Workcover stating you have approval for Exercise Physiology/Dietetics services. The approval letter needs to be provided to us prior to your appointments commencing. For more information, please speak to our Admin team or discuss this directly with your Workcover Case Manager.
You will also be required to provide Active Health Clinic with Workcover details such as your claim number, Workcover provider and case manager contact information. This can be completed in your client details form. 
Please be aware Workcover does not cover the full consultation costs, whereby you will be required to pay a gap fee.Exercise Physiology -
  • Initial consultation: Workcover will pay $101.80 of the consultation fee.
  • Subsequent appointments: Workcover will pay $67.87 of the consultation fee.
Dietetics -
  • Initial consultation: Workcover will pay $67.56 of the consultation fee.
  • Subsequent consultations: Workcover will pay $54.55 of the consultation fee.
According to TAC policy, TAC can help pay for treatment with an Exercise Physiologist or Dietitian within the first 90 days of your accident without prior approval. If it has been more than 90 days since your accident and/or it has been more than 6 months since you have had treatment or service paid for by the TAC, written approval will need to be received to confirm you are able to access our services under your TAC claim. Please contact TAC.
You will also be required to provide Active Health Clinic with details relating to your claim such as claim number and case manager contact. This can be completed in your client details form. 
Please be aware TAC does not cover the full consultation costs, whereby you will be required to pay a gap fee.
Exercise Physiology -
  • For initial and subsequent consultations, TAC will pay $115.65 of the consultation fee.
  • For 30 minute consultations TAC will pay $77.08
Dietetics -
  • Initial consultations: TAC will pay $72.01 of the consultation fee.
  • Subsequent consultations: TAC will pay $57.62 of the consultation fee.
Active Health Clinic can provide services to plan managed and self/independently managed NDIS participants, and cannot provide services to NDIS managed participants. If you have an NDIS plan, please inform our clinic if this is something you wish to access our services with so we can make sure we are the appropriate fit for you and your goals.
Our movement classes are designed for people of all capacities and capabilities, they are paced and tailored to your needs to ensure you don't feel worse.

The classes will help you to move with less pain and decrease fatigue and dizziness so that you are able to take control of your health rather than your health controlling your life.
8 Class Pack
  • Access to 8 group classes ($320.00)
  • Complimentary theraband for first 8 class pack purchase
  • Individual reassessment within ALG classes as required
Casual Payment option
  • Casual class attendance ($50 per class)
Private Health Insurance
You may be eligible to receive rebates from your Private Health Insurance. To find out what the rebate amount would be, please contact your private health insurance provider and quote the billing code 502.
We understand that finances can be a big pressure, especially in these times.

One of our core values is Access and more importantly your health and supporting you to reach your health goals is really important to us.
For this reason we have developed our Health Improvement Assistance Program (HIAP). A way we can support you to continue your health journey with us at Active Health Clinic without the pressure of the financial burden.

The HIAP is an opportunity for you to begin a payment plan for the cost of your appointments, or to access the concession discounted rates if you are not already eligible.

If this is something that you are interested in, please contact our admin team: admin@activehealthclinic.com.au or 03 9878 5394.
What happens if you live remotely or are too unwell to come into the clinic?
  • We also offer appointments on Zoom for patients that live remotely or are too unwell to attend the clinic.
What work is required?
  • You will be given tasks/takeaways at the end of each session to get you practising and implementing the tools and strategies at a pace that is specific for you.
Have further questions or would like to make an appointment?
  • Should you have any further questions or would like to book in for an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic - 03 9878 5394 or 
Active Health Clinic acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country  throughout Australia and recognizes their continuing connection
to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging.
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