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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic pain, POTS/OI and other complex conditions are not caused by the foods that you eat or don’t eat, but they can cause symptoms that can be exacerbated by what we choose to eat and quality of life. It’s very common for gut health and gut symptoms, and appetite to be significantly related to these complex health conditions.

Our dietitians are familiar with fatigue, pain, blood pressure and sleep disorders, and have experience with the aspects of these conditions that effect food intake. They work closely with the other clinicians in the clinic to provide nutrition care that is holistic, sustainable, and in line with the other therapy you are undergoing for your condition.

Costs & Rebates

For program costs and rebates available, please call the clinic. A referral isn't always necessary however may impact on your ability to get a rebate - speak to our friendly reception staff and they can help you.
Our clinics are located in Blackburn & Mornington, Victoria, however, all services are offered via telehealth also. 

What can I expect when I see a dietitian?

Dietitians specialise in optimising food intake for health. They are experts at using food to assist in the management of a wide variety of health conditions, from cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to eating disorders, to renal diseases and cancer, as well as the complex chronic health conditions Active Health Clinic are known for treating.

More than this, Dietitians understand that food is not just about nourishment. Food enhances quality of life, it is part of the fabric of social interaction, and should provide joy and pleasant feelings for everyone. Unfortunately, many don’t experience this pleasant relationship with food all the time – and this is not limited to those with diagnosed eating disorders. 

Dietitians are acutely aware of this and aim to actively improve each patient’s relationship with food, reducing anxiety around food intake and improving quality of life.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Your initial appointment with an AHC dietitian will last approximately 90 minutes.

You will be asked to fill in a short assessment form prior to attending your first appointment, with specific questions asked that are crucial to the care you will receive from your dietitian.
The first time you meet with a dietitian, you can expect to answer a few more questions. This is to ensure that the discussions that are had, and the strategies that are discussed, are relevant for you right from the very start. 

You will be asked about what lead you to seeing a dietitian and any previous input/investigations you’ve consulted to attempt to diagnose your symptoms, in addition to what symptoms you are experiencing and the severity/frequency of these symptoms, and of course, your dietary intake.

You’ll then be asked to do some homework tasks before the next appointment, either to implement strategies to work towards your goals, or to collect some further information for your dietitian, or both.

How long will I have to see a dietitian?

This decision is up to you, and you can talk to the dietitian about this during your first session. This will vary from person to person, based on the nature of your symptoms and your goals. 

Your dietitian will be able to give you a good idea about how many sessions they think will be necessary by the end of your first session.
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